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got Tet?

Hum... Crunchy,
The White House has been warned of a surprise attack in Iraq over the next few weeks comparable to the Tet offensive that threatened to overwhelm US forces in Vietnam, according to a joint intelligence report published today.

A US defence official, briefing journalists ahead of publication, said US forces are braced for "a mini-Tet", the 1968 Vietnamese attack that caught US forces off-guard.

He predicted the attack could be timed to maximise political pressure on President George Bush when the US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, goes to Congress to provide an up-to-date assessment of progress in the country.

[ cf US fears audacious offensive in Iraq ]
Interesting, undt Stoopid....

What folks may have forgotten was the run up to Tet '68 was 1967, a year full of National Propoganda in America by Americans to Americans that there was clearly light at the end of the Tunnel and that there was no reason to worry about the force deployment in Vietnam.

An unpleasant reality check that would get really messy all over the place, including the first use of armoured Assault Gear, eg: the PT-76 'amphibious tank' used in the attack at Lang Vei just down the road from Khe Sanh .... But do we really expect that this could or would happen in Iraq????

I mean get realistic here boys and girls. We have not spent a year of utterly mind numbing national propoganda by americans for americans about how the Americans are bringing Light to the End of the Tunnel. That has so not happened since the brief effort to say that the Mission Accomplished Dance was the new Disco Dance Craze a few years ago. And that of course got stompped into the ground as the locals failed to accept that God had mandated our most glorious victory, and hence to oppose US was to Oppose God!!!!

On the other big side of all of this, it is SOOO not like the Iraqi Northern Ports are doing that whole Hai Phong Pholly, as they load up On Red Chinese Commie Gear, and the excess largess of the Soviet Hegomonist Reactionary Revisionist Weapon Systems!!! If anything, we have SOOO Effectively shut down ALL of the Ports in Northern Iraq, and not one Red Chinese Ship or Commie Ruskie Bastard has been able to get so much as a Sampan into Northern Iraq.

Thus Proving that Great Leader IS Great!!!!
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