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Correctly Remembering The Corrector History!!!

President Bush has attempted to drape war policy in Iraq in the lessons of World War II-era Japan and Vietnam as part of a broader argument for continuing the military campaign despite fierce opposition at home and abroad.

But his remarks to a VFW convention in Kansas City, Mo., also has invited stinging criticism from historians and military analysts who said the analogies evidenced scant understanding of those conflicts' true lessons. What is more, the speech has opened a new vein of attack from Bush's political opponents, including the man he defeated in 2004, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) a Vietnam veteran who called the president's words "irresponsible" and "ignorant."

"This was history written by speechwriters without regard to history," said military analyst Anthony Cordesman. "And I think most military historians will find it painful ... because in basic historical terms the president misstated what happened in Vietnam."

[ cf Iraq and Vietnam, history in hands of speechwriters ]
Shocking!!! Just Shocking!!!!

Who can forget that when the Cheese Easting Surrender Monkey Kapitulationists Cut And Runner Appeasers abandoned Our Glorious War Time Ally, That Vietnam found itself alone and surrounded by Red China to the north that invaded, and the Soviet Hegomonist Puppet Toady Stooge of the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea that was bent upon Global Domination and sought to Drive Vietnam back into the sea!!!!

Clearly we can not allow the Combined Forces of a Red China of Commie Pinko's in Bed with the Khmer Rouge to overrun Iraq and for them back into the Sea!!!! We must keep on fighting in Iraq even if we must have our Own Dunkirk to bring the French Forces whom we can evacuate home!!!

What THIS NATION NEEDS is Senator Blutarsky!!! A MAN who knows how to get on a Roll!!!
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