drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

remind me again....

Ok, so Dubya is fearful that he will go down in history as the president who lost Iraq to the Iraqi's, uh, what exactly are we also suppose to feel more safer about knowing that the president has so learned from the analysis of the fact that no one was responsible for anything prior to the 2nd attack on the world trade center that we now have the new National Stanards for no one being responsible for anything after the 2nd attack on the world trade center....

Or was it really the other way around????

Ah yes... how much it is like when the Americans were bombed overseas in their colonial possessions in the territory of the Phillipines, Guam, and the Hawai'ian Island - and all americans rallied to the national battle standard that now more than ever a return to Normalcy was the most pressing issue on the National Agenda, that and devaluing the dollar, and oh yes, more tax cuts, so that we could transfer the national tax liabilities unto the UnBorn... Why just like the days when FDR was the president and understood that there was no real or practical need for the Glass-Stengal Act, and that we really should not get to upset about the fact that some folks were, well, upset, and attacked our colonial possesions more than once, and besides, sometimes a nation accidentally invades the wrong country, this can happen, and we should all just learn to just get along, because it is not like it is a critical mistake, or that anyone would want to be inflexible about the whole accidentally invading the wrong country for no actual good reason at all. I mean, can't we just get along with the process of trying again, because, well if we accidentally invade enough countries we may actually invade the right one, and we could explain to everyone that we really meant to do it that way so that the Zombies would not get wind of the actual military battle plans that the DOD was getting specially delivered from their Super Secret Ouiji Board with the special emboses special thingies.

Ah yes.... oh how much the current history would have been like that history, if that history had actuallly occurred on the same planet that we were living on in the same universe....

But I guess we all understand that we really should not bog the Prez down with the big Technical Details, since, well, ElectroLytes - they are what planets want, eh no???

And besides, the president has not wavered one iota from his "Zombie Free" Administration, unlike the Waffling Liberals who want to allow Zombies to move into the neighborhood next to yours, and date your daughters, and devalue the price of land, and cause Gay Marriage Only Initiatives because of course the Waffling Liberals are not willing to Totally Privatize Zombie Hunting as the only means to let loose the Majikal, Mystical Powers of the free market economy!!! The very Free Marketters who would have Won World War II if it had not been for all of that excessive Governmental regulation....

Tags: religion, war

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