drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why we are still morer Winning In Vietnam...

And leaving Vietnam in 1975 provided fodder for future terrorists like Osama bin Laden to cite the U.S. as losers who cut and run, he added.
[ cf Bush argues Vietnam bloodbath shows U.S. should stay in Iraq ]
Gosh! Golly! Gee Whiz!!!!

And we all thought it was when the evil liberals persecuted the president, who had the authorization to do as he wilst with bombing or invading iraq, and those evil liberals were all into impeaching the president for the Monica Crisis, that had been the clear and compelling signal to bin laden that those evil liberals wanted him to take on the task of a second attack on the world trade center... Because those evil liberals were willing to impeach a president who had congressional authority to bomb nations for what ever reason....

Ah yes, back in those Halcyon Days when all americans supported the President because our troops were on the bulwark of freedom keeping the Iranian Flying Saucers from going north up through the balkans to the Germanic Lands.....

But basically we must support Dubya, since without the ongoing victories in Vietnam, we would be facing the growing threat of the Vietnamese Flying Saucers attacking us.... Yeah, and the Vietnamese Zombies as well!!!

Ah yes!!! If only Dubya will give the clear and compelling sign that he openly supports the Privatization of Zombie Hunting that we can move on to the Total Victory of The Totally Gloriously Victorious Victories of a free market system in the Zombie Hunting of All Zombies Everywhere!!! and no longer find ourselves crushed under the excessive taxation of the repressive liberals and their welfare statist approaches to governmental excess regulation in the Zombie Hunting Space where the evil liberals believe only Governmental Organizations should be allowed to Hunt Down Zombies!!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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