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Do Americans NEED to know where we are going in the WOW NOW FEST?

For those who have followed the kvetchings about a new book out there that is suppose to explain what sorts of intelligence fiasco's have been going on, there are a series of sillies that giggle me in all of this. Our friends over at NewsMax were all cranked up about pushing books prior to the liberation of Iraq that were all explaining how evil the CIA was for not telling the president about the Grave Risk of the Iraqi WMD Program. Now the buzz seems to be that the evil CIA failed to tell the president that there was no risk from the Iraqi WMD Program.

But as many reviewers have noted, the book does require that the reader take a leap of faith about the un-named sources. While at the same time failing to provide any prescriptive manifesto about what to do with the problems, and/or how to fix any of the WhateverOnWhomever. All while avoiding the central concern of the day
Should Americans Be Involved In KNOWING any of the Policy Positions that may be in existence about the WOW NOW Fest!
since clearly if the american citizenry know, then, well gosh, the Enemy Knows. I mean since we are detaining and rendering american citizens, are they NOT the very enemy we are at war with in the first place?

Hence any effort on the part of Persons Not Tasked By The Department Of State Security do not have a legitimate need to know, and provides a prima facia case that they are involved in at least espionage, if not outright Anti-State Terrorism!!!!
Just SAY NO! to Knowing!!!!
It is no longer enough that
we must now move on and resolve if any other facets of knowledge are also root causes of anti-state activities!!!!

Be Seeing YOU!

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