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But is it a victory for american law???

Jose Padilla was convicted of terrorism-conspiracy charges in a victory for the Bush administration, which held him in a military prison as an enemy combatant for more than three years.

Padilla, 36, a U.S. citizen, and two co-defendants were found guilty today by a federal jury in Miami of conspiring to commit murder in a foreign country, conspiring to provide support to terrorist groups and providing such support. They could be sentenced to as much as life in prison. An earlier accusation that Padilla plotted to explode a radioactive ``dirty bomb'' wasn't included in the charges.

``We can appeal,'' Padilla's mother, Estelle Lebron, told reporters. ``I don't know how they could find him guilty. There were 300,000 calls and there's no evidence he spoke in code'' in the phone calls recorded by investigators. ``George Bush won today,'' she said.

Former U.S. Navy lawyer Charles Swift suggested the government wasn't being candid when it said in 2004 that it needed to hold Padilla as an enemy combatant.

``When the Justice Department said they couldn't prosecute him, they were wrong,'' said Swift, who helped win a 2006 Supreme Court ruling that Bush lacked authority to try Guantanamo Bay inmates in military tribunals. The verdict shows that ``not only could they try him, they could convict.''

[ cf Jose Padilla Convicted by U.S. Jury in Terror Case ]

Interesting how that 'dirty bomb' gag keeps on Giving. Nothing was ever so Loving as Comrade Party Leader John Ashcroft announcing that in Moskva, should have been on the steps of the KGB HQ, would have been so much more dramatic, and how this dirty bomber was being turned over the military, because there would be no way that the government could get a conviction in a mere civilian court....

Who knows....

It will be so interesting to see what will come of this case.

More importantly, how americans will react if this level of power falls into the hands of Hitlary and her Rad Femi Surf Nazi's.... and they start winning against anyone who dissents against their regime..
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