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Why Does All Headline News HATE Freedom?

The suicide rate among U.S. soldiers reached a 26-year high last year, according to an advance copy of a Department of Defense report obtained by the Associated Press. Most of the attempted or committed suicide's took place in Iraq.
With the Army stretched thin by low enlistment and ongoing wars on multiple fronts, the Pentagon has had to extend normal tours of duty from 12 to 15 months, with many soldiers being sent back into war zones multiple times.

After reports last year exposed high rates of post-traumatic stress syndrome among returning soldiers, the Army has bolstered it's mental health programs. Officials report that approximately 35 percent of soldiers seek some form of mental health treatment within a year of returning home.

[ cf Military Suicide Rate Reaches 26-Year High ]

What War???

If there were a War On the fighting 101st Keyboardists would be in the very thick of it...

Besides, if people do not accept Dubya as their Personal Lord And Savior, can the military be held responsible for God Damning Them for their lack of faith in the one True And ONLY american religion as the argument from intelligent design demands...
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