drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Military.com Hate Freedom????

As I've said before, the Bush administration and the Pentagon have put more effort into spinning our Iraq escapade than they've spent on winning it. In the past week or so, we've seen a classic example of how the spin cycle works.

If you've been following at home, you know two of the administration's major pro-war propaganda points: A) newly appointed U.S. commander in Iraq David Petraeus is the second coming of Lawrence of Arabia and B) the Iranians are causing most of our problems in Iraq by supplying weapons to Shiite insurgency groups. The credibility of both of these assertions began eroding over time, and then. . .

[ cf The Latest Spin Cycle ]

Shouldn't They Hire REAL War Heroes, like Karl Rove, rather than former american military personnel, who do not accept that the argument from intelligent design leads to the Divinity of Dubya, and hence that all must accept him as their personal lord and savior....

As we race towards the Most Holiest Of Holy Days in the Most Holiest Of Holy Wars to ever have been holy and warry, americans must look back and remember that had it not been for our Most Glorious And Victorious Great War President, who not only wrote the super secret special computer virus code that he personally injected into the Mother Ship of the Iranian Flying Saucer Battle Fleet, but that our Most Holiest of Holy Flying Warrior War Presidents did take the Great And Glorious Flying Battle Sword and Personally SLAY the Evil Iranian Flying Saucer Fleet that has made america safe from the Threats of Iranian Flying Saucers, EVERYWHERE!!!!

That is what is wrong with the sort of Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runner Stab Our Troops In The Back DEFEATISTS, such as the Anti-Americans at military.com who are at this very minute sewing their DEMONIC Gay Marriage Only Radical Left Wing Extremism!!!

Clearlly ALL Americans must unite against such DEFEATISTS and Rally to the Holy Cross of the Greatest War President EVER! Who has the very Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes that makes him just SOOO Cute, and capable of destroying fields of Alien Space Ships with a single glare!!!!
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