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That DD214 won't protect you any more

Meanwhile, The Daily Business Review writes about "the unknown detainee," Kifah Jayyousi. Mr. Jayyousi is one of Padilla's co-defendants. Padilla, Jayyousi and three other men face charges in Miami of "conspiring to commit murder, kidnapping or maiming, and providing material support to carry out these crimes."
A naturalized US citizen, an honorably discharged former US Navy sailor, and a former assistant superintendent of schools in Detroit, Jayyousi is being held in the federal detention center in Miami without contact with other prisoners. He is not allowed outside for any exercise, and has only a small radio. His lawyer says he is being held "like a caged animal ... He hasn't been convicted of anything."

Jayyousi has a hearing next Tuesday where he will ask to be released on bail, but defense experts say it will be "an uphill road" because judges are very reluctant to agree to bail for any terrorism suspect.

[ cf Christian Science Monitor ]
Ah yes, for the good old days when being a Veteran at least stood for something. Back before the President gave us DICK for veterans day.

But no, this cat has been in the bag since March... And they are only now getting around to working out if there is a Bail Arrangement.

Ah yes, and meanwhile, in Texas, Tom DeLay is concerned about the need for a 'speedy trial' - one has just gone to respect the sense of Irony!

Who knows. Maybe some day the folks who have been playing the 'support the president to support the troops' will decide whether or not the President actually WANTS to support the troops...

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