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StarDust - the movie

Well, made props to the fine folks who had me out on friday to see a movie outside of my usual genre's.

But First OFF, and I hope this is not a spoiler - did you ever notice how the God Hating America Bashers do not make it clear that the film makers actually believe in the argument from intelligent design, and the dictates that this means that of course there can only be one Divine Dubya in a time of transferring tax liabilities unto the unborn.... Maybe a Minor Nit, but I really think that the Department of Homeland Security should be keeping us safe from those types of folks......

Right, first things first. In Eragon the operable trick was:
Things are so tough all over,
that girls are hurling Dragon Eggs at boys,
as a way to get a Date these days.
and yes, we were totally amazed that some of the theatre goers were totally unaware that this was the whole plot of the film.

Long Story Short - StarDust is about how you need to be more sensitive to your Man, or Some Wandering Star Trollip will throw herself at your Man and take him away from you.

Oh yes, and Robert D'Niro brings a sensitive portrayal to Shakespeare in this nasty brutish film where Star Trollips are just Hurling Themselves at innocent young men who are trying to mind their own business, as they go about their perfectly ordinary and normal lives.

But of course the Academy will NOT notice that D'Niro's VERY sensative and progressive performance of the role is beyond expectations, in these cruel and brutish time. For my money, I think the audience would be far better served to have more Wholesome Family Oriented Films about men who are men amongst men who are not taken in by every Trollip who just ups and hurls her heaving breasts at innocent young men who are trying to mind their own business, as they go about their perfectly ordinary and normal lives.

But of course that is what we have come to expect from those Radical Left Wing Extremists in Red Hollywood land where their Ideological Allignments take precedence over ART!!!
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