drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not Impeachment?

I can appreciate that Democrats, the party of 'public sodomy in the streets' may not like the idea of "Law And Order". Similarly the NeoCons are committed to the Ideal that "Law And Order" is merely a TV Show, hence it must be some sort of Red Hollywood Liberal Assault On Our White Christian America. But the Real Question is for the Actual Republicans, the ones who recall that we were always lambasted as the party of "Law and Order" - before it became a hip trendy TV Series.

One really does not need to be a first year pre-law student to put together the Prima Facia Case here. The President's Own Statements in the recent "illegal wire tapping tales" that he has confessed, in PUBLIC, to having committed Multiple Felonies. So it really is not like the President can argue any sort of 'miranda' protection for his Public Statements - since they were made fully and freely - and prior to his being in the detention of law enforcement authorities.

What is worse, is that the president has shown no remorse, and has been open about his willingness to continue committing Felonies until he is stopped.

He has not sought to get Congress to retroactively authorize the president to unilaterally decide which laws in america are still operable. He has not sought to get approval from anyone, including Jesus, to take the law into his own hand.

The current brief before the supreme court, and it's abusive langugagte towards the 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals, unfortunately underscores the presidents complete disregard for law in america.

I can and do appreciate that for many folks the idea of impeaching the president would inevitably lead to Dick Cheney being able to pardon him. But it would also establish that the Republican Party remains committed to the principles of Rex Lex.

So why not allow the Law in America to Be Legal?


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