drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Rearm Japan?

For those not following the growing war of words between Japan and China, things took another step today. It appears that a suicide note of a japanese "unnamed engineer" in charge of the Shang Hai consulate offed himself because he was being blackmailed by the Chinese Intelligence Service. This kicks things up a notch from the previous rhetorical posturing from japan about the Chinese Military Build Up.

Meanwhile back home here in the Good Old USofA we are talking putting sanction on Chinese Firms alledged to be involved in Arming Iran.

So why don't we start advocating that the Japanese be allowed to re-arm, and go forth with a new effort to restore the Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere. I mean do american tax payers need to be footing the bill for Japanese Defense? When we can help them re-arm and sally forth to protect their own National Honor. I mean we could offer them a restoration of Formosa, that would clearly end all of the chaos of the 'two china policy' to boot.

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