drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Putting The Host Settings On THE Short Bus...

Why yes, we did.... One of the problems with having the DIRE NEED for short names to use while at the same time actually putting the real code where it belongs is the need to have the sort of work arounds that allow them to work and play well with others.... Well GOSH... why not have
package YourGrp::ShortBus;
# so we have a package space to find in ../lib/YourGrp/ShortBus.pm

package YourGrp::HostSettings;
use YourGrp::Obj::Store::Singleton::HostSettings;
our @ISA ( YourGrp::Obj::Store::Singleton::HostSettings );

package YourGrp::SmellyBartFast;
use YourGrp::Obj::Store::Singleton:: Slartibartfast;
our @ISA ( YourGrp::Obj::Store::Singleton:: Slartibartfast );
and GOSH, then there is ONE FUNKY File at the top where EVERYONE has the same Mistaken Reality Space... and all is GOOD....

Ah yes, the scary of cleaning up the correct inheritence trees, and yes, there is Skank in that other tree that those other modules were the heirs to... but they have been rescued....

Ok, so this has also FORCED UP some FUGGLY about some loops in the who is doing the 'use YourGrp::Util' which has TOTALLY gone OFF the FREAKING RES with the Cruft that is aggregated into a module that is the Moral Equivolent of
If we had the time to do an an actual Data Model Analysis, then gosh we would find an appropriate place to put this piece of Festoring Stuff... BUT....
Ah yes, for those Halcyon days....
Tags: code

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