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Meanwhile back at More Show And Tell Than Ever Before...

We get horse whipped with this deep psycho moment of Radical Left Wing Extremists Stab The Troops In The Back Anti-War Rhetoric From The Chief God Hating America Basher:
US VICE-President Dick Cheney acknowledged yesterday he was wrong in 2005 when he insisted the insurgency in Iraq was in its "last throes".

It was Mr Cheney's most direct public admission of how badly the Administration had underestimated the strength of America's enemies in the war.

But Mr Cheney, an architect of the 2003 US-led invasion, otherwise gave no ground on CNN's Larry King Live as he defended President George W. Bush's Iraq policy.

[ cf Cheney admits error on Iraq ]
WOW, Dude, and the colours in your Tie Died T-Shirt, like Totally WOW!!!

Mean while we learn that the Former SecDef is aware that he may not be aware of all of the cover up operations that were or are still on going in the DOD
Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told a House panel Wednesday he does not remember when he learned that Cpl. Pat Tillman was killed by his fellow Army Rangers, not by enemy forces as the Pentagon initially said.

Reading from a prepared statement, Rumsfeld denied any knowledge of an internal investigation that had quickly determined Tillman was the victim of so-called "friendly fire," though several generals who he worked closely with in managing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were informed about the development.

[ cf Rumsfeld defends self in Tillman case ]
Ah Yes....

One goes to war with the reality that one is facing, not the reality that one might want to go to war against!!!!!

Now more than ever we must stop Reality before it starts impinging on the flow of stuff...
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