drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The HORROR of radical left wing Extremist Media Meat Puppets...

Wow, scope this Religious Moment in the Most Holiest of Holy Crusades of the Kultur Kampf:
In the end, then, it seems that money triumphed after all.

The ideological objections posed by many of the Bancroft family to a Wall Street Journal owned by Rupert Murdoch couldn't win over the economic realities.

[ cf A punishing battle for the Wall Street Journal ]
well that should serve notice on the whole of the Radical Left Wing Extremist Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppettry!!!!!

They can either abandon their Radical Left Wing Agenda, and face economic reality, or they will be the next Rupert Murdoch Made For TV Reality Based Showing....

Ah yes, how peaceful the world is now that there are no more dangerous ideologs running around espousing those evil Left Wing Extremisms as the Wall Street Journal was so well known for in it's bomb hurling Anarcho-Syndicalist days of being the rag of choice for the dope smoking God Hating America Bashers....

But we are in a Most Holiest Of Holy Crusades, and these things are bound to happen...
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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