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and we get our honor back how again???

one of those fugglies one needs to ask, from time to time, when we have to deal with:
The U.S. Army on Tuesday officially censured a retired three-star general for lying about the 2004 friendly fire death of Army Ranger and former football star Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

In what officials described as an unprecedented case, the Army also reprimanded to six other officers, including three other generals, for errors up and down the chain of command. But Army officials said there was no evidence of a deliberate cover-up by the military.
The Army singled out for blame retired Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger, who was head of Army Special Operations Command, saying he deceived investigators, made false statements and failed in his duty to inform the Tillman family about the nature of the soldier's death.
But Geren said he chose not to pursue the more severe punishment of a court martial against Kensinger.

The other generals each received a "memorandum of concern" about errors they made, including a mistaken belief that information about the Tillman case should be kept secret.

[ cf Army censures general over Tillman case ( emphasis mine ) ]
Ah yes....

Once upon lying to a brother officer was considered a really serious social faux paux - now, now it is merely a paper work schuffle event...

What if the nation had been at war? And this level of misconduct had occurred in a time of war....

Would it have been that difficult to find our way to the section of the UCMJ about, oh, say, Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer!!! and the obligatory dump down to Private and the BigChickenDinner.... or are we suppose to understand that in a time of transferring the tax libabilities unto the unborn, this is a time when anything goes, because, well gosh.....


Yeah that's the Ticket!!! The complete Moral Collapse brought about by the whole world changing on 09/11 and then allowing those evil doing evil doers into the military... yeah, that's the ticket....

It's the Clintons!!!! The fact that Ronald Reagan Got Divorced!!!!

yeah that's the real culpurit.... Those Damn Liberals!!!
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