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The Total March To Total Victory Is Totally Victorious!!!

Federal agents searched the home of Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, on Monday, focusing on records related to his relationship with an oil-field services contractor jailed in a public-corruption investigation, a law-enforcement official said.

Stevens, 83, is under scrutiny for a 2000 renovation project that more than doubled the size of his home in Girdwood, an exclusive ski-resort area 40 miles from Anchorage. The project was overseen by Bill Allen, a contractor who has pleaded guilty to bribing Alaska state legislators.

[ cf Feds raid Stevens' Alaska home ]
Like Totally Dude....

Ah yes, those once Halcyon Days when
Fed's Raid ...
was normally reserved for Dope Dealers, Mob Boses, Political Dissidents, Terrorists, Environmentalists, Liberals, Trade Unionists....

You know, the Scum of the Universe...

Clearly if the Fed's have fallen upon such hard times as to worry about mere trivial governmental corruption, then, gosh kids, can there be any doubt but that we are Valiantly and Victoriously Virtuously Vectoring toward Vegan 6 as our Galaxtic War Against All Monsters Everywhere Gets Ever more Viciously Victorious with Versilitude And Vermillion!!!
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