drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who is controlling What In ThatIraqiThingiePoo

The Winner In Today's We Did WHAT? contest:
Amid the political maneuvering, the Bush administration said Tuesday that Iraqi prisons where hundreds of detainees apparently were abused were only nominally under the control of the central government in Baghdad.

Although the government, with U.S. help, is trying to take charge of the prisons, the Interior Ministry, which runs them, may have its own way of doing things, State Department spokesman Adam Ereli suggested.

"The problem has clearly not been solved, and the problem is widespread," he said.

"We and the Iraqi government continue to have concern about the way prisoners are treated in Iraqi facilities and in facilities nominally under the control of the Iraqi government."

[ cf 10,000 Protest, Seeking Vote Review ]
The Majik Sauce is that this is tacked onto an article that was suppose to be about how the UN has decided against the need for any outside review of the recent Iraqi Election ThingiePoo....

Hum... If there are 'nominally controlled' torture facilities in Iraq - the local Iraqi's should feel safer about life in Iraq, uh, How Exactly????

And if they were not actually under the control of the Iraqi Government, then WHO'S INTERIOR MINISTRY was controlling them? I mean did the Space Aliens decide to bug out en masse from Area 51 and settle into Iraq, to be closer to their Flying Saucers???

Did the Cheney Intelligence Agency forget to Inform the President of America, or who ever is heading up the Iraqi Government, that there was a need to do scientific research...


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