drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Perjury or Slip Streaming

Have you noticed that the nit picking God Hating America bashers are starting to suggest that simply because there is documentary evidence that repudiates the sworn testimony of the attorney general, that this should in any way be construed as indicating that an action of Perjury has actually occurred?

It could be merely a case of Slip Streaming and that the documents are from some alternative time line, and in that alternative history the evidence presented by the Attorney General would have been consistent with the history that occurred in that time line, but might not conform with the history as it occurs in this time line. So should americans be all that upset about the existence of multiple time lines????

I mean we get up ever morning and go to war with the reality we have, not with the reality we wish to war against. I mean only crazy people engage in wars against the non-reality of their beingness. And these are not crazy people!!! They are in every way, in some new day, ever more gloriously and victoriouslyy winning against Reality in Ever New Ways!!!!!!

That's Gonna Teach the Reality Based Community that their days of Dominiance by mere realism is OVER!!!!

It's a New Post Surrealism, and Dubya is The Divine Manifestation!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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