drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Congress, a Part of The Government?

Are YOU as shocked as I am that Congress actually believes that it is a part of the American Government?

When has there been a clearer proof of the Apostasy of the Unbelievers, but that they so openly reject the argument from Intelligent Design that dictates the divinity of Dubya, by even Considering the IDEA that memeber of the Presidents Entourage could in anyway be held legally binding to respond to a congress of anything from anywhere!!! Clearly they are More Protected than ever before, since now, more than ever, they are working not merely for the Executive branch of government, but for the Divinely Dictated Answer of the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!

Now MORE than ever americans must demand that the President Sack Congress, since clearly as long as Congress is not supporting the President, then clearly it is stabbing our troops in the back!!! And that in a time of Ever Increasing Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn!!!! Clearly we can no longer afford to have a Congress that does not understand that the President IS the Law!!! That the President IS the manifestation of the Divine Will!!!! That the President is ALL that stands between us and the Return of the Iranian Flying Sauceres!!!!

IF you will not do this for the Troops!!!

IF you will not do this for the Tax Cuts!!!!

Then DO It For The Children!!!!

So that the children have a hope of growing up in an america free from the threat of Unbelievers!!! In a world no longer Crushed Under the Iron Fisted Jack Boot of People willing to raise up the law of mere mortal man above the Divine Will!!!

If we do not stop them now, then tomorrow congress may feel free to pass laws, and taxes, and make policies as if they were actually a part of the Government!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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