drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Must Control Fist Of Death.... ( The Random Number Generating System )

ok, so the coding standards are open to some, well, uh, interpretation in this crew. I love lines like:
# TODO: make this not suck by caching cat/grep result
never mind the reality check that the fact that we are doing a 'cat/grep'.... But when I found that they were doing this really NEAT trick with checking for /dev/srandom or /dev/random and a couple of sysopen()/sysreads(), i was AMUSED until I noticed that they were initializing the conditional variable AT THE START OF THE METHOD!!! rather than the usual solution of having it outside the function and hence

# hey kids, what if we initialize the random number gen ONCE!!!
our $rand_init = 0;
# Must HURT THEM WITH LONG FUNCTION NAME - so that it will poke
# them where it hurts and they know that they must never do that
# mistake ever AGAIN!!!
sub seedTheMindNumbingRandomNumberGeneratingSystem {
you know so that the function will have

unless ($rand_init);
You know - so that they are soooo painfully aware that they were just WRONG!!!

Earthlings, What ARE they doing on staff???
Tags: they_did_what

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