drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Supporting The Troops ThingiePoo

Well here is an interesting news bit A Political Debate On Stress Disorder - hum... The Politics of the PTSD amongst Vets is now a concern again.


What was all of that Skank About "support the president to support the troops"?

Oh wow... conservative groups smearing the VA system by labelling it Welfare.... Where have we seen that game played before. Oh yes, that's right, that whole "vietnam syndrome" back when it was cooler to be opposed to the vets who survived the vietnam experience, since they failed to achieve LBJ's call to 'tack the coon skin'... ah yes...

Now of course, with the troops coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan, and where ever else.... It is important for them to understand that they really should have taken better care of themselves, and should not be looking for any additional compensation above the level of their Patriotism Points they achieved by working at government rates, rather than at the fair market value....


Gotta respect those 'conservative groups' who are so opposed to welfare programs - like the VA.

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