drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Police MisUse????

New York Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said he may call for a legislative probe to determine whether aides to Governor Eliot Spitzer broke the law in their efforts to use the state police to damage him politically, and whether the governor knew about it.

``This is not going to go away, not going to get swept under a rug, until we know the truth,'' Bruno said at a Saratoga Springs news conference this morning. ``How much did the governor know?''

A 53-page report released July 23 by Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo found that aides to the governor improperly pressed state police to compile records on Bruno's use of state aircraft, and planned to use that information for media articles critical of the senator. The report said the aides lied about why the information was being gathered, saying they were responding to a Freedom of Information Law request.

[ cf New York's Bruno May Call for Probe of Spitzer Police Misuse ]

Why it is just SHOCKING to think that anyone would even SUGGEST that there were any way that one could misuse Police in a time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn!!!! and that while our valiant fighting forces are ever more glorious every day in some new way!!!! Don't these evil liberal media meat puppet have anything better to do than to reveal themselves as the defeatists cut and runner appeasers who support international EVIL!!!!

I mean if the Hammer was correct to call upon the department of homeland security to hunt down the renegade legislature, and that was divine will of god, can this mere paltry wankage of asking questions rise to the full on level of an open Iranian Flying Saucer attack on white christian america????
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