drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Koinkidenk Or Konspirakii, You be the dupe of the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppets...

hey kids, did you notice that the New NIE ( yes, a national intelligence estimate, does make you want to do the whole monty python, the Knights who want a Shrubbery thingiePooh ) came out indicating that given the long time delay between the first and second attackes on the world trade center, that it is possible that the Evil Doing Evil Doers will Do EVIL!!!!

Which of course helps folks NOT focus on the resignation of the Komrade Director of Veteran's Affairs, which, would, GOSH, raise rude and impolite questions about the "all american draft dodger culture", where the most important thing in a time of war, right after tax cuts, is being more Anti-Anti-War than the next person....

Gosh, makes me wonder which side the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppets are really on, and are they sufficiently Anti-Anti-War enough to be able to be saved? Or will they too have to burn in the Sulphours Pits of Hell when the Rapture comes and all of the True Believers in the Divinity Of Dubya are called up into the great Joe Bob Briggs Drive In Movie Theatre in The Clouds to Watch Divinely Inspired Movies with Boobs, Babes and Blood!!!
Tags: kok, religion, war

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