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Someone Is So OVER their Galbriath Count, and is not getting ice cream.

R. James Nicholson resigned today as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, after a two-and-a-half-year term marked by an embarrassing and costly theft of a laptop computer that compromised the personal information of tens of millions of people.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson appeared before a congressional committee last summer.
“This coming February, I turn 70 years old, and I feel it is time for me to get back into business, while I still can,” Mr. Nicholson said in his resignation letter to President Bush. Mr. Nicholson said his resignation would take effect no later than Oct. 1.

Mr. Nicholson told the president that he had been honored to serve at a “critical time in our nation’s global war on terror.” He delivered a similar message today to employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs, some assembled in Washington but most watching on closed-circuit television across the country.
And Representative Phil Hare, an Illinois Democrat who sits on the House veterans affairs panel, said a change is needed in the department. “In May, I called on Secretary Nicholson to resign after he approved a number of bonuses for senior V.A. personnel at the same time the Department was failing to meet the needs of our veterans,” Mr. Hare said.
Mr. Nicholson is an Army veteran of the war in Vietnam, where he was awarded a Bronze Star. Earlier this year, after disclosures of shoddy treatment of patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which is run by the Defense Department, the care provided by Mr. Nicholson’s agency also came under review.

[ cf Chief of Veterans Affairs Resigns ]

In a Time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn? A Person would Abandon our troops, and as a cut and runner Appeaser would bail out on their obligation???

How can this be Mr. Wizard???

Now remind me again, which were the majik talisman the troops were suppose to wear to ward off the evils of coming home to a complacent america that had been more concerned about the Holy Crusade against Gay Marriages and Gay Abortions, than in making sure that the Veteran's Medical Service would be appropriate, or at least up to par, or near par, or close enough to par to be able to pitch the ball onto the greens....

Or would that be too much for the fine Christianists who have been, well, so committed to being more war than ever before....
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