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Those Darn Wacky Chinese...

One man has been sentenced to death and at least one other has been given a life sentence in the sensational case of slave labor in northern China. As Daniel Schearf reports from Beijing, the case uncovered a huge problem in official neglect of forced and child labor.

The sentences were handed down by the Intermediate People's Court in China's Shanxi province. A foreman named Zhao Yanbing was sentenced to death for killing a worker who was enslaved at the brick kiln where Zhao worked.

[ cf China Kiln Worker Sentenced to Death in Slave Labor Case ]
They make that sound like a bad thing...

Hey Kids...

How much work would it be to show that the Biblical Literalists Support Slavery, because the bible is clear on the nature and role of slavery?

So, gosh, doesnt' this just proove that the Chinese are getting all Liberal And Demonic And Evil because they HATE GOD AND THE BIBLE and therefore are clearly more at war than ever before...
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