drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

"Smoking Aces" - dvd review

First off, I picked this up at CostCo in a Two-fer with "Lock, Stock, And two Smoking Barrels".

What can I say, this is the sort of Quinten TerranTinao Filmio that he has not been making because he got all confused about which of his open socio-Cultural Issues was more pressing....

How do we say it, this is a film I feel sorry i did not have a great posse to go see at the Cinimea. Since it would have been a whole lot of fun to do that, then go ahead, and well, start living out the film in the day to day life.

As it was, as a Two-Fer it was a more cost effective solution than having to go out and buy the Barrett Light 50 as an accessory.... Oh dear, angst moment here boys and girls, since they have a girl on the sniper rifle, does that mean that, well, gosh, it is now, well Drag if boys use them???

Anyway, this is the sort of film that one wants to see when one just wants to have a good time with a lot of ammo going around the room, and it is something that one just wants to go and enjoy. Ah yes, the simple happy world. It does end in a somewhat interesting way.... But then again, this is the sort of ensemble cast thing that makes it really enjoyable for everyone to engage and be able to psycho dive into the a character or two as the film experience goes bye...
Tags: dvd, movie_review

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