drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DOES the president Hate America???

Clearly if the president Believed In, and Loved America, then he would not say that we can 'still win in iraq', but would be more truthier with the americans by actually declaring
We Are Still More Winningist In Iraq Than EVER Before!!! And We Will Go On Being More WinningIst In Iraq Long after the defeatest cut and runner appeasers who are in League with Satan have been risen from the Dead and Forced Into the Burning Sulphours Pits of Cleveland at the Final Day Of Judgement when their Appostasy and Disbelief in the Divinity of Dubya, as dictated by the Argument From Intelligent Design Demanded, as their first tier effort to stab our valiant fighting forces in the back, because as Evil Doing Evil Doers they are alligned with the God Hating America Bashers who only want death and destruction because they are the puppet toadies of the Demonic Nancy Pelosi Driven Evil VooDoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair Spewing Bong Hitz 4 Jesus by what of the Sinister Silly Liberal Media Meat Puppets who never report on all of the wonderful news that comes out of Iraq about how now more than ever we are Still More Winningist In Iraq Than EVER Before!!!
If you know what I mean.
he could say in his winningist way, knowing that all truly loved him, as is the only option in these most Glorious And Heroic of All times of transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn, for Lo, that is the Most Important Thing in a Time Of War, as was foretold by Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay, who is every day, in some new Way, the Most Winningist Of Glorious House Majority Leadership, even if the Devil Worshipping God Hating America Bashers believe the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet Propoganda of Defeatism that there is some other leadership in the House, simply because there were false notions about who actually won what!!! And that in a Most Glorious of Still More Winningist In Iraq Than EVER Before!!!

Yeah, that's the Patriotic Ticket...
Tags: religion, war

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