drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What doe they call it in your country?

Hum... When HanoiAnnie Coulter was calling for the assination of a seated american president, while said CIC, had the authorization to do what ever with Iraq, this was considered what level of civil discourse????

It is so funny watching the Despite past discussion on his show, Hannity claimed he had "never heard" Coulter call for Clinton assassination since, gosh, that would mean that there were some sort of time continuity between the time before 911 and the new and improved new world order....

What makes the giggling more funny of course is that there are those Stab Our Troops In The Back types, with their whole Defeatist Appeaser Cut And RunnerIsms, who are advocating that a public election should allow folks to vote for anyone other than the Great Decider? I mean what is with the idea that american can actually stab the troops in the back by not supporting the President??? I mean, do they really think that the 22nd Ammendment would be operable in a Post-911 world???

Ah yes... the majik of it all...

What will happen if americans accidentally fail to re-elect the president??? will the HanoiAnnie Coulter Fan Club do what has to be done???? or will they keep on hiding behind her moistened bint???? hoping that they will be totally protected from what they have said and done???

Well who knows, the elections may actually take place....

It could happen you know, jesus may not end the world by then....
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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