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Prospective soldiers are voting with their feet. For the second consecutive month, the Army has missed its active-duty recruiting goal, even with its lower standards for new recruits. As long as the war in Iraq continues, the Army will have trouble meeting its current recruiting goals. Once the war is over, however, the crisis will dissipate.
Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that the Congressional Research Service has revised its figures for the cost of the Iraq war: We are now spending $10 billion a month in Iraq. Overall, the Iraq war has cost the United States some $450 billion. Buried in the list of Defense Department personnel needs for the coming years? The Pentagon will hire 6,841 contracting specialists to help dole out all that money.

[ cf Is a Bigger Army a Better Army? ]
One might argue that since this is merely some blog at the WaPo we can avoid the cited WaPo Red Propoganda:
The U.S. Army fell short of its active-duty recruiting goal for June by about 15 percent, defense officials said yesterday. It is the second consecutive month the service's enlistment effort has faltered amid the American public's growing discontent over the war in Iraq.

Army officials confirmed yesterday that the service missed its June target -- the first time its recruiters have missed their monthly mark twice in a row since they were hit hard in 2005 -- but declined to discuss specific numbers before a scheduled release today. Three defense officials said the Army fell short by about 1,400 soldiers, well shy of its goal of 8,400 for June.

[ cf Army's Recruiting Goal Lags For Second Month in a Row ]

Horror!!!!! Horror!!!

The WaPo Hates Freedom and is spreading Defeatist Propoganda of the Red Communist Hordes!!!
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