drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

US Still Out In Front In The Troop Withdrawl Posturing.

It is so good to know that the President, The Veep, and The SecDef all got their media punditry in play early about the american plans for the appropriate troop withdrawls from ThatIraqiThingiePoo before the Evil Liberal Media started it's Dastardly Deeds!

Such as noting that the Ukrainians and Bulgarians have bugged out, and the Polish are down sizing to managable levels.

Now granted, just because Putin is trying to leverage the Orange Revolution OUT of the Ukraine, is really not a good enough excuse for the Bulgarians to bring their troops home. I mean, the Russians would need to get through Roumania to get to them. But I think that the Ukranians and Poles have a good enough excuse for needing their troops home. Just in case the Belarus opt for Anschluss with Mother Russian to keep the lower energy prices they have been recieving.

Ah yes... mean while in Syria and Iran, the Indo-Chinese Oil Firms have been working on getting in on the new round of oil explorations. So if the Chinese, the Russians, and the Indians decide that there is a need for 'stability' in the Middle East.... Will there still be enough of a valiant fighting force of americans left to take on these folks who are not supporting our WhateverOnWhomever???

Will this lead to the need for a draft, to get enough boots on the ground. Or will the excuse for the need for the draft be a good enough excuse to authorize the para military forces, with or without authorization from the State Security Apparatus, to begin the process of destabilizing the enemies of the state CONUS who are not as supportive of the WhateverOnWhomever as they should be.

Stay Tuned, Same Patriotically Correct Channel, Same Patriotically Correct Time!

Be Seeing You!

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