drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking of Tarting Up The News...

It is so comical that the Blomberg News Channel is in the middle of trying to sort out what to do with the Evil Dan Rather's complaints that his former bosses were Tarting Up The News.... Could it be that there is a complete Psycho Moment that the Broadcast Media is trying to work out?

Over at BlogHer, there is a charming Ann Coulter: "Giving strong women everywhere a bad name" article by Suzanne Reisman where she cuts to the chase about the structual flaw in the Hate Mongers....

What I find amusing is the core problem with 'TV News' - and the decades of decay that have followed in the wake of going Visual, rather than trying to deal with the Rational Components of the News, irregardless of Gender.

Hum... what if there were a real need for the restoration of an age of reason as a basis for having a Federal Democratic Republic - and not merely the newest manifestation of the Whigs, brought to you by the Millard Fillmore Fan Club Harpies of the Know Nothing Party....

Ah yes, what if actually knowing something were to come back in fashion in america????

Would that still be considered the Oppression of the True Believers of Talk Radio Cultists??? Or more of the same old fashion persecution of Christianity by those Who Hate Our White Christian America....

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