drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Some Times The News IS NOT self parody

Yeah kids, the fine folks at google news leads off today with Mrs. Edwards calling into some MSnbc show to talk to HanoiAnnie Coulter about how HanoiAnnie Coulter is so debasing the political dialog in the nation.

Meanwhile, this morning, on the classical music station they were talking about various news media circuses going "paris hilton free zones", since they think that Paris' 15 Minutes left a while back.

So hey kids, would it be anti-Feminist to suggest that maybe it is time for the NonMalePerkins to decide that simply being a Dick is not enough to become a Person? Why Shucks we could get all radical and point out to the MalePerkin that being a Dick, well, gosh, doesn't mean that one is a RealMan[dm], merely a Dick.

What DO YOU SAY Happy Kampfrs???

What if the national debate were to turn back into a national debate and not merely the world's largest romper room session for the baby boomers working out their deep seated unresolved issues from more than one past

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