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Thinking back over the blather last week over Sen. Reid's (D-NV) comments about Gen. Pace, it's quite astonishing that the White House could with a straight face attack Reid for questioning Pace's competence only day's after they'd fired him. Think about that. The White House fires Pace as part of its many-month effort to sack everyone from the Rumsfeld era at the Pentagon. And Reid is in hot water for questioning the man's abilities?
[ cf Tpm Entry
( emphasis? You mean the darkening gloom of the Liberal Agenda of Agendavists) ]
Uh, but haven't everyone who is anyone accepted that the Tree Hugger In Chief is one more illustration of the Horrors or the Radical Left Wing Extremists Draft Dodger Anti-American, Anti-Military, Anti-War stance brought on by bad drug use????

I mean, folks REALLY can not believe that the Tree Hugger In Chief is anything other than just one more RadFemiSurfNazi, now can they????
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