drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Support The Troops...

Does anyone remember Antonio Taguba?

And would this be a wrong time to ask folks to read The General’s Report by seymour M. Hersh...

Could the recent Surge of "support for college frat boy hazing" { the new meme about the torturing and murdering of detainees has become encoded amongst the FreeperVilleFollies } came into play because, gosh, it might not be nice to allow americans to remember that it was not merely the cheap and cheezy sex scandal that was Abu Ghraib - but the rest of the problem - like the dead detainees that would lead to various war crime trials of american troops.

Then there is that on going problem with the apparent 90% rate of no good reason to detain and torture folks. Ah yes, but that was back in the dark old days before we had institutionalized the Surge System of grinding down the american military, so the fighting 101st Keyboardists could keep on keeping on with their patriotism.
Tags: they_did_what, torture, war, war_crimes

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