drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Brutal Repression Of Our White Christian America By Evil Liberal Extremists, Who Hate Freedom

Prompted in part by the recent Virginia Tech massacre a bill closing a loophole concerning guns in the hands of the mentally ill has been approved by the House of Representatives. It is the first major legislation on gun control to be undertaken in more than 10 years.
[ cf Bill Aims to Close Loophole in Gun Purchases for Mentally Ill ]
Oh Yes, disarm the so called mentally Ill!!!!

Why don't the God Hating America Bashers just step out front and admit that they just want to round up all of the White Christian Americans and Force them into Death Camps so that their Gay Marriage Only Pro-Soft-On-Zombies Agenda will be able to Goose Step It's way over the burning Hulk Of A Free White Christian America!!! Can there be any doubt about the EVIL of Liberals and their Gun Grabbing Zombie Fellow Travellors who are not willing to Bong Canada 4 Jesus!!!
Tags: bong_canada, bong_hitz_4_jesus, religion, they_did_what, war

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