drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Did You Murder Anyone Today?

How many times have we heard the general kvetch,
But if you do not believe in my one true and only god, how can you have morality? and without a One True and ONLY Morality, what keeps you from becoming a Mass Murderer.
As many of us have worried for decades now, so many of the typical 'pro-lifer' is merely a moment of theological doubt away from instantiating their doctrine that without their fear of god, and god's wrath, they would become mass murderers.

This has become even more popular amongst christianists as they learn the bloody background of Islam, and hence the extenstion to why Islamicists are really scary dangerous folks, while christianists have a more effective form of dualism that helps them cope with their urges to live out their Old Testament Biblical Literalism.

So when the question of Mass Murdering is wandering around, the B-Side of that Album, { for you kids, those were a form of MP-3 Data retention system that came out right after Noah Left the Ark... } we have the question why is it that the Biblical Literalists are not following through on the clear and compelling arguements from the old testament to slay and slaughter the unbelievers.

Many of us have absolutely no problem with some Christianist "arriving at their moment of truth" and getting all "biblically literal" and of course the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media tries to wonder why it is that this person decided to go on a slaughtering spree.

The answer is simple. They have no respect for Traditions, and the needs of a Union Card, and hence the professional standards that remind us all
No Contract!
No Killing!
which happens to be an ethical standard that appears to not require the existence of a SuperNatural Being, but it does require a minimum commitment to the idea of a viable legal system that is capable of formulating contract law.

So what is your Excuse for Not Being A Mass Murderer?
Tags: religion, war

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