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Really Winning The Whatever On Whomever....

Sometimes Barbarella just pops out in the darnedest ways.
A prominent Hmong leader residing in Westminster is among 10 people charged in an alleged plot to buy missiles, mines, assault rifles and other weapons to topple the communist government of Laos.

He is Gen. Vang Pao, a CIA-backed ally of the United States during the Vietnam War and a leader among Hmong refugees who settled in the state 30 years ago, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Also named in a federal complaint was former Lt. Col. Harrison Ulrich Jack, of Woodland, Calif., who allegedly met with an undercover agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to discuss air-dropping arms into Laos, The Times reported. He allegedly acted as a go-between in arranging the arms deals.

Search and arrest warrants also were served in Chico, Sacramento, Stockton and Fresno, where the state's Hmong are concentrated, federal officials said, according to the newspaper.

[ cf 10 Charged In Plot To Topple Government Of Laos ]
Or should we just sing another chorus of how we have always been aligned with EurAsia against EastAsia, or is it the other way around...

ah yes, now everyone can sleep easier knowing that we are going to keep on getting more news coverage of how the state security apparatus had broken up some effort to overthrow some place, and that none of the weapons were actually delivered.

Hum.... But that always leaves open the question - where did the cash for the weapons go???
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