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Welcome to the middle ages....

as one of my friends noted:
It was 2 a.m. when masked gunmen raided Al Wafa Net in the Khan Yunis camp in Gaza where 17 young men were surfing the Internet.

“The gunmen tied their hands, then forced them to stand at the stairs while they broke all the screens, and then the server and the television and the photocopier,” said the owner, Hamad, of the attack a few months ago. “Then they burned all 36 computers.”

In recent months in Gaza, there have been similar attacks on music and video shops and pharmacies accused of selling Viagra, as well as on American and United Nations schools.

A standoff between the Lebanese Army and Islamists at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon has focused attention on a jihadist element taking root there as well as a radicalization in the Palestinian areas themselves.

With the fragmentation of authority in Gaza, and its isolation, said a Gazan analyst, Taysir Mhaisin, “there is an increase of fundamentalism and the birth of groups believing in violence and practicing violence as a model created by bin Ladenism.”

Mouin Rabbani, a Jordan-based analyst of Palestinian politics for the International Crisis Group, said, “There is a security vacuum that creates space for all kinds of new grouplets and forces.”

[ cf Jihadist Groups Fill a Palestinian Power Vacuum ]

Thought experiment time here....

What if our christianists who take the same scriptures as literal, from the old testament, about taking the land, and tossing down the alters and idolatry, were, to well, gosh, oblige themselves to a little end of law and order?

And now that we hear about
“There is a central problem and that is Al Qaeda, and they are spreading,” Mr. Taha said, after an emergency meeting of religious and political leaders in the camp last week to calm tensions. “The Islamic awakening has been going on for 25 years now. But this, now, is going to become a huge problem for us.”

Mr. Taha’s fears are remarkable because of who he is: not a secular campaigner or a Fatah apparatchik, but a senior member of Hamas. In the violent underground of the militias, men like him have become unlikely moderates, calling for calm and seeking to build bonds with the other militias and the government.

[ op cit ]

What if the americans had been focused on bringing law and order and the modern era to the middle east? Rather than it's ongoing failed policy of destroying secular regimes in the hopes of fulfilling HanoiAnnie Coulter's Little Wet Dream of installing christianist theocracies there....

Ah yes....

It is so going to be such a great new world after all....

Or should we be more happier with the reality check that our Christianists do not really believe in biblical literalism to that extent, even when they are openly telling us that as Christianists they no longer want a free and secular republic based upon the American Constitution....

Maybe americans should be listening to what our Christianists are telling us?
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