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Sunni and Secularist To Boycott Troop Reductions?

I hate to put it that way. But there is the comical irony in the phrasing.

tongodeon had been somewhat optomistic that the decision by the Sunni's to be engaged in the current election cycle was something like a positive sign. But given the current news reports that the Sunni's And Secularists are threatening to boycott the Iraqi Legislation unless there is an international investigation into their concerns about 'voting fraud' - one has to wonder how 'good' was this election.

There is of course the complication in the process here that my unpleasant slogan
Only American Blood
Can Save The Islamic Republic Of Iraq
faces the unpleasant reality test that the Islamic Fundamentalists, aligned with iraq, are in the process of their electoral victory in Iraq. With it there is also the prospects that this will be the last 'free' election in Iraq, as the Islamification of Iraq will just continue until the one party rule of Iran has been extended into Iraq.

Marry this to the current 'hints' from Rumsfeld that the 'troop strength reduction' is based upon not replacing the 'troop strength increases' that were shipped into Iraq to support the so called security needs for the election cycles. One has to wonder what 'troop withdrawl' will really mean in the new american lexicon.

For those of you who were not following the liberation of Kampuchea by the NVA that went in to restore the correct ideology to Kampucheans who had fallen under the repression of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, who were not the devotees of the One True And Only Marist-Leninist Soviet Hegomonists, but the Puppet Toadies of the False Cult of Personality still under the repressions of the Maoist Deviationalists. We watched the same process.

There were troop 'withdrawls' because it was being progressive, and over the cycle from the last troop withdrawls, there were upticks in the number of NVA troops inserted into Kampuchea to deal with the Insurgency of Khmer Dead Enders, and the Ideological Revisionist Reactionary Puppet Toadies of the Godless International Kapitalist Clique.

Which of course went on until the NVA finally handed Kampuchea over to the UN.

So folks may want to warm up their lexical analysers and figure out which tokenization systems are merely replays from the Hanoi Book.

I'd Hate to think that Rumsfeld who played Kissy Face with the Hanoi Regimes Minister of Defense, who is our ally in the WhateverOnWhomever, didn't learn at least a few cool things in the exchange.

Be Seeing You!


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