drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not LePen???

This is the Clear and compelling question that all true Patriotic Americans are wondering when they worry more and more about the Growing Threat of the FreedomLanders opting to back the Bush-Kennedy Axis of Evil!!!

Can there be any doubt that the Vast Monolithic Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets Persecuted LePen so that the last regime of God Hating America Bashing FreedomLanders opposed the Divine Will Of Freeing Iraq from the prince of darkness!!!

Have you ever noticed how HORRIBLE the Evil One Is??? I mean when was the last time that the Evil Liberal Media reported
The Anti-Christ Just Checked Into ReHab
And Goes Crazy Screaming He Is Britany Spears!!!!
Enquiring Minds REALLY want to Know!!!

Since it proves not only that the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets were covering up LePen as the Only True Alternative to Restore FreedomLand To the French People!!!! But also that they are covering up that the Bush-Kennedy Axis of Evil is In Leaque with the Anti-Christ!!!!

Which as we all know IS an Ontological Proof Of God!!!!

Can There BE any doubt???
Tags: religion, war

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