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Seriously Not Ready To Make Nice....

Lawyers for Vice President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and two other Bush administration officials belittled Valerie Plame's lawsuit Thursday over the disclosure of her CIA identity.

At a nearly-three-hour court hearing, Cheney's lawyer said Plame was making "fanciful claims" in what amounted to "a fishing expedition."

Plame says her constitutional rights were violated by Cheney and his now-convicted former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, as well as White House political adviser Rove and former State Department official Richard Armitage.

Her suit is "principally based on a desire for publicity and book deals," said Michael Waldman, who represents Armitage.

The case is "about egregious conduct by defendants that ruined a woman's career," countered Plame's lawyer, Erwin Chemerinsky.

[ cf Lawyer: 'Fanciful Claims' in Plame Suit ]

How do I know when NeoConClownCarCrew are Lying, when their lips are flapping about their concern for anyone in the Intelligence Community...

Ah yes... once upon a time the NeoConClownCarCrew was all up in arms about the need to protect national security.... and then they got their time at bat and fumbled the ball the whole length of the swimming pool, he said trying to drown all of the Mixed MetaPhours that have been put forward in this on going open cesspool of Maniacs in Power Gone Mad!!!

Oh well, at least it was not like they were into Corruption or Anything, you know, like those other people...
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