drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DOES the Wall Street Journal Hate Jesus???

Oh My GOD!!!! What Sort of Radical Left Wing Extremist God Hating America Bashing Red Propoganda is the Evil Shyrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists at the Wall Street Journal putting out?
Two military officers have been relieved of their commands after an investigation into the June deaths of three soldiers concluded that they weren't properly protected during a mission south of Baghdad that wasn't well planned or executed.

A report on the investigation said the platoon leader and company commander, whose names were not released, failed to provide proper supervision to the unit or enforce military standards. Neither faced criminal charges, a military official familiar with the investigation said Wednesday.
"This was an event caused by numerous acts of complacency, and a lack of standards at the platoon level," said the investigating officer, Lt. Col. Timothy Daugherty, in the summary. The report hasn't been officially released yet.

[ cf Report Faults Two Military Officers In Deaths of Three Soldiers in Iraq ]
Oh Me!!! Oh My!!!

Why doesn't the Wall Street Journal WAIT until after they are a Rupert Murdoch Faux News Facility to start their mainstream stab in the Back....
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