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Find The New Czar, The Next Hot Video Reality Show/Game

Yes Kids, it is SOOOO that time again:
Speculation is mounting as to who the Bush administration will nominate to succeed Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank, even as pressure builds for the US give up its traditional right to select one of its own citizens as bank chief.

This week 165 of the world’s leading international development experts and representatives of non-governmental organisations said the bank crisis demonstrated the need for fundamental reform of the selection process.

“Paul Wolfowitz’s problems at the World Bank stem in part from a widespread perception that he disproportionately represents US interests rather than objectives that command a global consensus,” they wrote in a public letter.

[ cf Eyes turn to finding Wolfowitz successor ]
Let the Gaming Begin....

Hey, why not offer the Gig to Gonzales!!!!

He understands the importance of Waterboarding For Jesus!!!
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