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More Bad Thoughts Thought Badly...

Never Write Bad Things
Comey's tale of his late-night hospital-room showdown with White House aides (see yesterday's column, High Drama -- and High Crimes?) ended with Bush agreeing to make unspecified changes to the program that Comey and his colleagues felt made it legal.

So what was the program like before that -- when it was illegal even in the opinion of Bush's own Justice Department? What was the government doing for two and a half years -- starting soon after September 11, 2001, through the spring of 2004?

That is -- or at least should be -- the question of the day in Washington.

[ cf Triangulating on the Truth (emphasis mine) ]

The Devil Worshippers are doubting the Divinity of Dubya by suggesting that if the President's Own Department of Justice, headed by Ashcroft at the time, was not willing to sign off on the illegal actions... that uh, this would suggest that the illegal actions were not lawful!!!!

And that as we all know can not be!!!! Since, as we all know, if the President Does IT! It can not be illegal!!!!

And as we all know only the God Hating America Bashers Openly Offered Aid And Comfort To The Enemy In A Time of War by doubting that Clinton's Blow Job was anything But the clear and COMPELLING Divine Manifestation Of Divinity!!!

oh dear... maybe some folks did not understand back in the clinton era, that if the president does it, it can not be illegal... and gosh, maybe they didn't remember that the 2nd Attack On The World Trade Center would come, well, after the First Attack On The World Trade Center, and that Gosh, they really should have been supporting the president to support the troops, or the Iranian Flying Saucers would return, as they did on 09/11/2001, the day that changed everything, so that it was as it had always been, more of the Same, but The MOST More of the Same than EVER BEFORE!!!!

Oh dear... Oh Me, Oh My!!! Since the current round of growth is based on investigating why the DOJ was being used to try to support electing more NeoCons.... could it be, gosh, golly, that on top of the other bad things that were going on with Card, Gonzalas, Rove, et al, that the illegal wiretaping was just more of the same old dirty tricks games, and had nothing to do with anything about National Security - since, well gosh, there were perfectly good systems for doing that which had been in place and worked prior to 09/11/2001 - and did not need any special sauce or majik pixie dust like the Patriot Act to make them viable....

Oh Heavens!!! Oh ME!!! Oh MY!!!!

What ever will we do if the Evil Liberals take away the Majik Pixie Dust and leave us totally defenseless before the onslaught of Imaginary Weapons in the hands of Imaginary Enemies...
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