drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Young Republicans In Love

I am slowly begining to worry about the synchronicities.

This morning on KCBS, on the drive in, the Evil Liberal Media got Rude. They noticed, what many of us had argued at the time, that the current Medicare Prescription Fiasco was not well thought through. The ugly is that the same prescription drugs that one could acquire from the VA were 48% cheaper than the ones in the Medicare Program.

Then my Sicko Friend sent me a URL to the FreeperVilleFolly where they are protesting against the Code Pink Folks at Walter Reed Hospital. Which in itself is amusing. Since, hey, who can reasonably oppose the call for "Stop The Next War Now."

The added bonus moment in all of this is that apparently americans seem unaware that Vets, when they turn 65, get tossed out of the VA and put into the Medicare System. One of those Rude Moments that my father had not really expected. Which means, that since he now gets to get the Medicare Prescription Fiasco rather than the VA price, uh.... This is 'supporting the troops' and 'kissing a veteran', uh How?

Or is that just the way these things go. It is NICE to sound like one is more Patriotically Corrector Than Thou, right up to the unpleasant Republican Moment when the dollars and cents actually have to be counted.

Hum. What if we were to vote in a Republican Majority into Congress? You know, as a prelude to putting a Republican in the White House. You kow, the sort of folks who get hashed for being 'law and order' types. Folks who believe in fiscal responsibility. People who are the hard nosed pragmatists who do economics the old fashion way of real money, rather than an irrational faith in merely ideology. You know, the sort of folks who actually take personal responsibility personally! And do not live the 'culture of victimhood' blaming everything on which ever monster crawled out from under their bed.


Ok, so maybe starting with the simple issues of Fiscal Responsibility and the plain awareness that American Law is the Law In America would be a first step in the process.


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