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But is this the Actual Report???

Ok, am I getting a tad jadded maybe?
The seven American soldiers involved in a deadly weekend ambush south of Baghdad were from the 10th Mountain Division, based in upstate New York, military officials announced today, as thousands of troops continued an intensive search for three of the soldiers, who disappeared and are presumed to have been kidnapped by Sunni Arab insurgents.
[ cf Military Gives Details of Iraq Ambush of 7 G.I.s ]
The New Saving Private Jessica???

A clear and Compelling Heroic Pat Tillman Follow On???

Will we ever know? Do Americans Even Care To Know??? Is it even relevant any more if the DOD is more or less truthier about which is their what???

In light of the decision to limit access to the Web by military personnel - is this to protect the troops from the morally corrupting influence of the Net?

Or to prevent any new variations on the Jack Ass Folly of posting those somewhat unpleasant photo images as the Surge Surges, and in the New Morality, where there is no longer any need to worry about 'law and order' - as the troops are briefed that the DOJ has melted down, and will no longer be a problem with regards to legal prosecution...

Or should we keep it all on the up and up optomistic side of the story, something like as how this time the new And Improved Surge is the Most Surgiest Surge EVER!!! and that there can be no doubts about the glorious and most heroic struggle against the Glorious, which ever of what...

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz Beeve, maybe this time they will actually find the super secret hidden WMD's, or Iranian Flying Saucers, of the Majikal Exit Out of the Marshlands, as the glories of restoring the wetlands in Iraq becomes, well more wetter and wetter than EVER!!!!

just so long as we do not create an unpleasant emotional issues for the Pro-War folks back home. How many ever of them may still be there, the ones who still truly believe that the President really did find the WMD's, or the Iranian Flyings Saucers or which is the real reason that we have been restoring the wetlands of Iraq with American GI's Blood...

Ah yes. Once upon a time the american armed forces were the armed forces of America, for americans, by americans, and all that jazz... Can we still believe that with a Straight Face???
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