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Lordie We Just Gotta Gets Us Some More Rich Folks....

I was originally wondering what was God's Divine Plan when i found
ON APRIL 2, this newspaper reported that the Los Angeles Police Department had asked Philip Morris USA for a $50,000 donation to help fund its investigation into counterfeit cigarettes. That makes a lot of sense: If TV cop shows have commercials, why shouldn't real police work have corporate sponsors too (you know, aside from the obvious reasons of favoritism, bias and perverse incentives)?

For that matter, what's wrong with wealthy families in La Cañada Flintridge, San Marino and other communities holding constant fundraisers to pay for the unfunded needs of their local public schools — drama societies and marching bands and that sort of thing? Or with parents having to go out and purchase body armor on their own so that their sons are protected in Iraq? What's so odd about the crown jewel of the University of California graduate system, Boalt Hall Law School, having to move toward "privatization" so that it can raise more money and better compete with its private counterparts in an era when state funding has dried up?

What's so wrong, in other words, with hollowing out the public sector and replacing it with a pay-as-you-go society? It is the natural endpoint, after all, of the privatization craze, of the gospel of tax cuts and of the smaller-government-is-better-government mentality that has been on the ascendancy in the U.S. for nearly 25 years.

The New York Times recently offered a particularly striking example: Apparently there are about a dozen jails throughout California that offer pay-to-stay "upgrades." Inmates (or "clients," as they're known) who pay an extra $75 to $127 a day get a cell with a regular door, located at some distance from violent offenders, as well as the right, in some cases, to bring in an iPod, a cellphone or a laptop. The rich no longer need patronize the same jails as the rest of us. It makes you wonder whether Paris Hilton's unexpected jail time is a sentence or a scouting mission for new hotel expansion opportunities.

[ cf Give bigger government a chance
(emphasis mine, and yes READ the whole article )]
Oh Me, Oh My!!!!

How emotionally traumatizing. How Shocking How, well, Paris Hilton:
Paris Hilton is "emotionally distraught and traumatized" over her 45-day jail sentence and isn't capable of testifying in a civil lawsuit against her, the socialite-reality TV star's psychiatrist said.
Graff filed a $10 million lawsuit against Hilton in 2005, claiming the reality TV star spread "vicious lies" about her. Hilton has denied that she was behind a report alleging Graff once tried to grab a necklace worth $4 million from her throat.

[ cf Paris Hilton `distraught' over jail time ]
Oh Me!!! Oh My!!! Those Vicious Lies....

Why what could be more Important in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn than that we get to have more reality TV shows as a part of the ongoing process of, now how exactly are we suppose to know which are the Reality Reality TV Shows, and which are the Imitation Reality Shows....

Why My GOD!!! and to think that the Evil Liberals are Persecuting Paris Hilton on the Day that Jesus Took Back Jerry Fallwell - who back in the sixties opposed Preachers getting involved in politics - how EVER can those evil liberals be so cruel....

Besides IF it is a Scouting Mission that Paris Hilton is on, then Gosh, the President should give her a really big medal for her Brilliant Military CarRear.... Why that would show that the President supports the True War Heroes of the Most Heroic of All Heroic Thingies, EVER!!!
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