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Contact Music??? Wow...

Some days the Post Surreal is, well, More Surreal than ever before
News has fired Ret. Maj. Gen. John Batiste as a consultant after he appeared in an ad criticizing President Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Batiste, who commanded the First Infantry Division in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, retired from the Army in November 2005 and has since rebutted claims by the president that his policy is based on recommendations from his commanders in the field. However, his participation in a television ad financed by VoteVets.org in which he states, "Mr. President, you have placed our nation in peril," was cited by the network as a violation of CBS News standards. Linda Mason, head of standards and special projects for CBS News, told the CBS blog Public Eye: "By putting himself front and center in an anti-Bush ad, the viewer might have the feeling everything he says is anti-Bush. And that doesn't seem like an analytical approach to the issues we want to discuss." The network's action seemed to take even some conservatives by surprise. The conservative news site NewsMax pointed out that CBS hired Batiste after the general had already stated that he had resigned from the Army in order to protest against the president's conduct of the war in Iraq.
[ citing GENERAL ROUTED BY CBS (emphasis mine) ]

They say that like it is a bad thing...

And they are keeping their NeoConClowns on Contract for their objectivity??? Or What??

One of my friends sent me the following email
It took CBS two weeks to fire Don Imus for calling a college women's basketball team "nappy headed hos," but it only took them two days to fire respected retired Major General John Batiste for speaking out against the president on the war.

Batiste, a Republican, commanded troops in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. He left the Army so that he could speak out against the president's reckless policy in Iraq, and CBS hired him as a part-time consultant to comment about it.1 Last week, he appeared in a VoteVets.org TV ad speaking out against the president on Iraq. Just two days later, CBS fired him.2
CBS says they fired Major General Batiste because he engaged in advocacy—but they're holding him to a different standard than their other consultants.

For example, former White House communications director Nicolle Wallace is a consultant to CBS and consistently uses her position to push White House talking points.3 It was even reported that she was advising the McCain campaign, yet CBS did nothing when she appeared as a consultant on their network to promote his candidacy.4

Plus, the Brookings Institution's Michael O'Hanlon also appeared on CBS as a consultant while advocating in favor of President Bush's escalation plan.5

CBS is sending a message that you can't be a consultant to their network if you're critical of President Bush and the Iraq war. That's political censorship and CBS needs to hear groundswell of outrage from concerned viewers right away.
If you are interested, there is a One Click Protest Sign Up or you can visit MoveOn.Org Political Action Site and decide if your commitment to
Supporting The Troops! To Protect The Troops!
extends to getting involved ESPECIALLY when the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets become the Pawns of the Radical Left Wing Extremist Environmentalists In The White House!!!

Minor Nit here folks, but, uh, when was the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets not the lap dog lacky of the TreeHuggerInChief???
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