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Not Ready To Make Nice....

ah yes, I just love the wiki, and the reality boinging that come with it. On the one hand I want to write about the emotions that are STILL going on inside of me, and how I personally am not ready to Make Nice and how the fruitBats in NeoConLand have helped focus that discussion for me.

The other evening 'catwoman' brought over the DVD on Shut Up and Sing the Dixie Chicks movie, and today google gave up this cute bit: Laura_ingraham who wrote a book called "shutup and sing" about how all of those evil liberals are evil and liberal, and ERS!!!

Ah yes, Dear Laura, the one who can not recall exactly how she wants to Cut her "biblical literalism" - especially at the cutting edge of that problem, where women should be silent in the church, and that there should be no separation between church and state.

Where things went MASSIVELY WRONG was that 'catwoman' brought along The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus which, amongst the slightly SCARY MIND MELTING DARK HORRORS is a presentation of Yoko Ono doing her Black Bag Performance Art - where she crawls into a Black Bag and rolls around in it on stange....

The DANGER ZONE PSYCHO CLASH occurred when madmerle distilled my rant about the total chaos amongst the NeoCons by asserting that they were doing their Yoko Black Bag Moment - YIKES!!!

So yeah - it would be less painful were it not such an unpleasantly accurate image. Where are the TK's with their Constantly Patriotic "Boot Up Their Ass" reality space, while we are recalling the same troops, so that TK can help americans be more Patriotically Corrector Than Thou????

Where are all of those "kick their ass and take their Gas" wankers from the Pro-War World???

Where are all of this generations "soon to be the next Tom 'tax cuts in time of war' DeLay" or the "soon to be the next Karl 'unindigted co-conspirator number 3' Rove", and the rest of the True Patriots of The Vietnam Era come to perch patriotically in the current WhateverOnWhomever....

Here we are four years on since the Mission Accomplished Disco Duck Dance, and the NeoConClownCarCrew is still not willing to go for hard numbers. Four years ago I was asking them, 'what will it take? three thousand dead American GI's? 30,000 Dead? What?' and they all looked at me as if I was beaming in from planet Zorkon!!!! Didn't I just see the President's Disco Duck Dance about Mission Accomplished....

Well I am STILL not ready to Make Nice.

Are the NeoConClownCarCrew???

For the rest of you who may have missed the last decade, check out the Dickie Chic's DVD! It is an interesting case study in our america, where folks forget that the reasons we have our constitution IS to protect americans FROM americans!!! Especially the sort of americans who believe that the freedom of speach is not for use in public....

For those of you who want to look at the on going dialog about what americans can do to americans in the name of Americanism, Check out the DVD!!! It is a most painful and enjoyable flow through the life of the Dixie Chicks as they grow up from being just a cute Blue Grass Trilogy of Pickers, to women who have to go beyond the limitations of merely being cute, and country, and into a world where they have to do what their talents take them to do. That we have the TK's and their whole "boot up their ass" mentality, and a marketting machine that supports such trash, well, "ain't that america..."

As a Safety Precaution, do NOT watch it with anything that is related to the sixties - and ESPECIALLLY not with Yoko Ono in it...

Think of the Children...
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